CWG and Rahman

The fact that I love Rahman in pretty well chronicled. I did have my opinion on his ‘Jai Ho’ and I do believe that his recent CWG song is not his best work. But with every tom, dick and harry commenting on the song, I think the media is blowing all of this out of proportion. As I read in some comment somewhere, if you do not like this song, you do not, if you do, you do – there is no reason to make this such a big issue! The negativity associated with the CWG games has split over to the song and detractors have found the quiet Rahman to be a soft target. My stance is simple. The only people who should be allowed to comment are those that are capable of composing music and have achieved success in that field. With this criterion, amongst all the comments that I read, Shankar Mahadevan is probably the only person whose opinion matters. And he has only good things to say! I was a bit surprised at Sukhwinder’s outburst though. Sukhi owes a lot to Rahman and I think has had some of his best songs with Rahman – Sukhi’s comments do sound a bit ungrateful!

In any case, what got me to write this post was an article I read on IBN: The author claims that many of Rahman’s songs have been duds (a claim that I do not dispute) but then goes on to list films which have had some of Rahman’s best works! Just so that I make my point, here are the films that the author lists and my take on them:

1. Raavan: One of the best soundtracks to come from Rahman’s stables! I have fallen in love with each and every song on this track, including the song that the author mentions – Thok de Killi! Behene de is probably the fastest in terms of appeal!

2. Fire: Rahman seemingly reserves the best for Deepa Mehta (See Earth, Water) and in their first venture together produced one of the best background music scores that he has ever done. The authors crib is that it was not easily available in India – you need to thank Shiv Sena for that!

3. Vinnaithandi Varuvaya: Again, after a long time Rahman makes a superb soundtrack in tamil. Even if the soundtrack contained only Aaromale, it would be the best track ever done! But VTV contains Ommane Penne and the title song, and Mannipaya – according the Wikipedia, people went to see the film just to listen to the music!

4. Jeans: Please tell me that the author understands music! The ‘Kannodu Kanbatellam’ track is one of the best Carnatic inspired tunes that I have heard.  Add to that Columus, Hai re Hai Rabba and Anbe anbe and you have a listening orgy!

5. Kadhal Desam: Oh man! Kadhal Desam was another gem in Rahman’s crown. Mustafa Mustafa, Ennai Kanavillaiye, Oh Vennila, Thendrale! – these are everlasting gems and I cannot believe that the author included these in the list!

I have never heard the songs from Parasuram, Yodha or Love Birds and Mr. Romeo is not my kind of music, so I reserve my comments on them.

It just seems to me that bashing someone over CWG is the current trend (after the Koda trend, Tharoor trend, Food shortage/Pawar trend…) and Rahman unfortunately has fallen in the net!


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