Notting Hill

This is my favorite romantic movie of all time! I really like Hugh Gran’ts films and this one ranks up there with About a Boy. The chemistry between the lead characters is superb, so is the dialogue. I first heard the ‘When you say nothing at all’ song in this film and LOVED that too.

The story is so simple and straightforward that it is ridiculous. All that holds the movie together is the acting and the dialogues. They seem so real, so natural. I know Julia Roberts is a good actress, but I think Hugh Grant has done a very good job here. Unfortunately for him though, he plays a similar role in every other film of his! All said and done, this film makes one happy. There is a flow to it, a sort of a lazy saunter through the life of Grant’s character, and even though a figment of someone’s imagination, and a bleak possibility, there is an honesty to the film which makes you want to believe that it could happen to you!

Oh, did I mention that Julia looks stunning in this film – though I am not a big fan of her in general!

Why this post you ask? Well, the movie popped up on my Netflix list and well, I succumbed to my foolishly romantic nature – yes I do have one! And I watched the film (again!).

Hmm, that’s probably a good segue to my romantic side. Immaterial of what my mother thinks, or what my friends think, or what I portray, I think I am a very romantic person. Not just in terms of romance with members of the opposite sex, but also romance in general. I love good music, good films, well written novels and art in any form. I love nature. The starry night, the whispers of wind, the beautiful moon – I love all of it. I am pretty sure I am a die-hard romantic. I truly believe in the concept of love and the fact that two humans are capable of feeling love toward one another. I speak out of experience when I say that the feeling is fierce and strong and it does truly pull at your heart strings. The heaviness of the heart is not just a thing writers came up with – it does in fact exist.

I have moved on in life, the taste of first love now slowly melting away, just as the taste of the awesome ladoo I had just now is now gone. I know the taste though, and I am pretty sure that I shall encounter it again, and when I do, I shall know it is that ladoo! I know someone who says he is ‘looking’ for love – I do not think life or love works that way. If it happens, it happens – cherish it. It is happens and dies, well, as they say, it is better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all!


ps. I think I missed Man-Dog love (non-perverted version!) in my list – oh silky, where art thou?!


One thought on “Notting Hill

  1. One of my favs too!!! Love is what makes the world go round….and saale itna ladooo khaayega toh…Ur tummy will also grow round!

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