Sri Lanka Chronicles: Introduction

Sri Lanka or Ceylon is this tear-drop shaped island to the south of the mammoth India. With a population that is slightly more than that of Mumbai, this small island is probably an ideal destination to visit – no wonder then, I spotted a host of white-skinned europeans trekking through the hot and occasionally rainy country.

We visited this land of Ravana, and unfortunately, we had booked a conducted tour through the country. Now, the part of having a driver and car just for ourselves makes the guided tour attractive, but as with all things guided, the charm of the city is hidden away as you are escorted to ‘tourist’ spots and places where they will sell you stuff! The more I take guided tours, the more I realize that I detest the entire system. I would loved to have gotten my hands on a guide book and planned out an itinerary, just as I had done for Spain and other parts of Europe and HKG (though here I hadn’t pre-planned anything, we just went with the daily flow)! I did not manage to do this because of many reasons, including the fact that I was traveling with my parents, and they require some level of comfort, that may not be found in public transport – especially in developing economies such as Lanka. My tirade against what is wrong with guided tourism can wait for another post I guess, this one is about Sri Lanka.


What I realized when I wrote up all of this (I tried to keep the writeup as current as possible so as to include all the details and my opinions) was that it was too huge to be one blog post. So, I shall put it up one part at a time. There are a total of 5 parts, with the 5th part being more of my take on everything Lankan. Of course, given that I spent only 6 days there, coupled with the fact that the little I know about Lanka is through the news and the fact that I am highly prejudiced means that part 5 will probably be an uninformed tirade of a less-than-ideal tourist. Keeping in mind that this a MY blog, I shall not seek forgiveness for this one-sided, opinionated ill-informed set of views. After all, I am not popular enough to get into trouble for this. If I do get into trouble, well then, I have only myself and this accursed blog to blame!


Let me end this post here and start up a new one that will begin my description of 6 days in the land of Lanka.





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