Sri Lanka Chronicles (3/5)

The next day was spent in Kandy, a relaxed day compared to the previous one. The highlight of the day was a visit to the Botanical gardens. Now, immaterial of how boring this may sound, the Botanical gardens in Kandy are probably one location that everyone must visit. My interest in botany is limited to the delicious food items that one can make of veggies and fruits, so my reasons for liking the gardens have nothing to do with the actual study of plants. The gardens are a photographer’s delight. From color to foliage, everything is picture perfect. Picture this. There is a long road, straight as an arrow, neatly paved, dotted with tall (read 10 humans in height tall) palm trees on either side. The area surrounding the palm trees is green – as green as you can be without the feeling that this was done in photoshop. A little further off to the sides are huge trees, their winding branches a perfect spot for couples to rest, their foliage providing a perfect veil. This aptly named ‘palm avenue’, was just one of the beautiful attractions that this (1000+ acres) garden possesses. One of my favorites was an orchid house – beautiful orchids of various varieties – another photographer’s delight. I did my best to capture the color and the feel of these orchids, though I feel that a better photographer would have done far better justice to them. I shall leave it to the jury (read: you) to decide if I was any good.

We spent over 2.5 hrs in these gardens, walking along suspensions bridges and strolling through wet paved roads, umbrellas sheltering us from the occasional drizzle; and in my estimate we managed to get through only about a quarter of the place. I would highly recommend multiple visits to this place – neatly maintained, well cared for and exquisite in its beauty. The only sore spot was…well, with acres of land, an entrance fee for entry (even for locals),  large trees, limitless space, covered nooks – you know where I am going with this. The gardens are full of couples – I mean literally full of couples. I am sure that many a photo have been ruined, when the happy photographer managed to upload his photos on to his machine and view them on a big screen – a couple in the corner may not have caught his eye when he took the photo, but they will surely show up when he blows the photo up! Now, I am all for canoodling and am happy to see couples (when they are well above legal age – many of them here were surely not!) doing their thing; but I would think that it would be better for the couples (and for tourists) if they could find a spot that is not as public as this one! Hell, not only are you making out in front of locals, but are also displaying your salvia-swapping skills to representatives of over 20 countries from across the globe. While slipping your hands down the front of your beloved’s salwar may seem very attractive; the fact remains that if you cannot see people does not mean they cannot see you!! Couples aside, the park was super fun…


The rest of the day was pretty mundane, with us making a futile search for a museum and ending back in the hotel, where I delved into my novel (ooh, yes, “under the done”, you know this one!).  A quick dinner followed and we retired to bed pretty early.



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