This is an excellent article, highlighting the fickle, flamboyant and frivolous generation that Mother India nurtures in her bosom today: http://indiatoday.intoday.in/site/Story/130880/cover-story/secret-life-of-indian-teens.html


I have chronicled my increasing disenchantment with the callousness of today’s teenagers (yes, I know I sound like an uncle while saying this, I don’t care!) — having seen my share of these youngsters, I have nothing but contempt for them. Unfortunately for a country that boasts of a soaring youth population, none of these youths have imbibed even one of the “good” qualities that globalization has brought to their doorstep. Most of these youngsters are still  un-hygienic, with scant respect for rules or authority and no concern or love for the nation — their only love in life seems to be parties, booze, smokes and dope. We as a nation have failed, since our youth today have imbibed the worst of western culture, while retaining the worst of Indian culture — a wonderful combination. I have personally seen enough to have convinced myself that this is true, and articles like the above only add to that conviction. At 15 I was a stupid, fat, innocent boy, who’s only wish was to go and play cricket in the neighboring building. Today’s 15-year olds are more worried about which girl they will bed and which brand of vodka is better. It is unclear to me who is to blame — parents, society, globalization, the children themselves? Where is the childhood that so many reminisce about? Why are these people not enjoying what is natural and going after things that will become natural in due course of time? So many questions, no clear answers that I can think of…