Superb Salad

I have never been a big fan of salads and I continued to hold this view for a very long time. There was once, a long time ago, in 2003 I think, one salad that awed me. This was while I was in France, and a kindly colleague of my dad had us over for dinner. She started off with a salad (possibly my first ever) and I had thoroughly enjoyed it. After that, salads seemed to have lost their charm. In the US, I have had some salads here and there (unlimited salad at Jason’s Deli for eg.), but I have never grown to like them as much. Salads to me were those foods that fell in the “meh” category.

It was during a plane ride sometime ago that I discovered the beauty of the simple salad. The meal on board consisted of a salad, and as I am totally against wasting food, I started to devour it. This was a simple salad, just some lettuce, cucumbers, carrots and tomatoes, but the dressing (I dont remember exactly what, but it had a lemony flavor to it) pushed it beyond “meh” into “wow”.

Today, as I was coping with my jet lag, I awoke at 2 AM having this weird craving for a walnut orange salad — I could imagine the oranges on the green lettuce, the walnuts on the top and a nice vinegar-based dressing to top it all off. Inspired I walked up to HEB and got the stuff that I needed and added my own favorites into the mix. Topped off with a balsamic vinaigrette dressing, this concoction was superb — not just what I expected, but above and beyond! Oh…what a salad. In case you are curious, here is what the salad contained: lettuce, salad, carrots, onions, cherry tomatoes, oranges, walnuts, cranberries and olives  — oh pure bliss!



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