I have to say it. I have held it within me for far too long, and now I have to come out and say it. Sometimes I wonder if the public forum is the right place, if armed with the knowledge of what I say here, people will draw their conclusions. I wonder if should pour my heart out in this fashion, again. But I think it needs to be said. I know she will not be happy that I have said it. I am sure she would want me to be quiet, but I have held it in me far too long, and darling, it does not matter what you think or say, I have to speak out now, for why is this heartache justified? Why should I suffer through this anguish that is this silence. No, stop me not anymore, I shall say it out.








I am in love with Rachel Weisz! 😉!


ps. If you dont know who Rachel Weisz is, look online!!!!