Red Letter Day: Statistics tell the story.

2 years and 6 months from the time I was awarded my Master’s degree.

3 — the number of houses I have lived in.

4 years from the time I joined LIVE.

4 years and 6 months from the time I joined UT.

5 — the number of roommates I have shared accommodation with.

>30 — the number of publications I have authored/co-authored.

>100 — the number of evenings I have spent playing.

>200 — the number of hours I spent chatting over Skype.

>500 — the number of evenings I have spent having lunch/dinner outside.

>20,000 — the number of hours I have spent working over the past years.

>30,000 — the number of hours I have spent watching sitcoms, TV series’, movies and their ilk.

>75,000 — the amount UT/NSF/research funding that I have been granted in USD.

countless — the number of friends made, and people encountered.

infinite — the amount of knowledge obtained.

ONE degree and the knowledge that what one knows is but a grain of sand — Priceless.

So long and Thanks for all the Fish UT,

Dr. Anush Krishna Moorthy.
15th February, 2012.


For your reading pleasure, dear reader, below is the acknowledgement section from my dissertation:

I write this section barely three days before my defense, for in the lull before the storm I was reminded of the multitude of people who have helped and guided me through these 4-odd years towards my goal.

First in this pantheon (yes, the word is appropriate in this context) is Amma, my mother. If there ever was one person that I’d refer to as my rock, it would be her. While we have never found common ground on any of our philosophical ideas, I believe that it is only because of her that I am capable of any coherent thought, for she has not only given me life but also instilled in me the underlying tenaciousness that is the hallmark of any man. While I can ramble on about the contributions of my mother towards every endeavor of my life, coloring it with florid epithets, I shall quote the cliche – her actions are beyond description even by competent wielders of the language, let alone by an amateur fledgling such as myself.

Next up is Appa, my father. He is the quiet yin to my mother’s gar- rulous yang, the purusha to her prakriti. Any semblance of moral rectitude that I may have is solely due to my father, who is the most upright individual I have met. While this may seem like a handicap in this kaliyuga, it is my firm belief that his innocence and taintless character function as a beacon in a world surrounded by darkness – a beacon that I endeavor everyday to match.

My regard for my mother stems from him as well, for I have not seen a more dedicated son. An ideal father, Appa has been the intellectual bedrock from which I have sprung forth.

Now onto the Guru. Dr. Bovik, as all of his students would attest, is the world’s best advisor; one that graduate students dream of as they are whipped into action by the harsh overlords of the academic world elsewhere. At LIVE, Dr. Bovik wields the baton with a finesse of a concert conductor; never harsh, quick to compliment and slow to criticize, he epitomizes the Bheeshma epithet like no other. Allowing us sheep the freedom to explore, while constantly stirring the creative juices without actually leading us to the solution, Dr. Bovik has honed his skills as an advisor to perfection. I have learnt that discipline and passion will take a person a long way in life, and maintaining a calm visage while paddling like a duck beneath the surface is the key to success. As they say, still waters run deep.

The final major acknowledgement belongs to God. While I question his existence and disrespectfully berate the orthodoxy of religious beliefs on a daily basis, there is still a part of me that wonders at the possibility of His existence. If not in the traditional form as an intelligent designer, I am sure He exists in the thread that all creatures dead or alive share. In the form of an all knowing God, or in the form of the purusha-prakriti of the Vedas, or in the form of fate or luck or destiny, I believe that He has guided me to this juncture, as He shall in the future. If there is an all knowing God, then I submit my humble apologies at my blasphemies, and if there isn’t then I shall still consider that thread as the guiding beam of light that has laid the path upon which I find no thorns. In either case, He requires a big acknowledgement.

Having waxed eloquently on the mata-pita-guru-deivam quadrumvi- rate, I shall not bore the reader with mundane details of the remaining acknowledge-ees, but instead, shall simply list names. If you know me and do not find mention here, I seek apology and blame my mental ineptitude, for man is inspired by every single person he meets, and to all of the people I know, I extend my sincerest thanks.

LIVE members, past and present: Yang, Sina, Kalpana, Joonsoo, Ra- jiv, Gautam, Ajay, Anish, Ming, Michele, Che-Chun, Dinesh, Lark.

Friends of yore: Ronak, Sid, Shirish, Shiv, Harshit, Vami, Nisha, S. and their better (bitter) halves.

Roomies, past and present: Pranav, Keith, Surbhi, Manohar, Anish.

Friends, newer and nascent: Abhik, Aditya, Akshay, Aneesh, Anish, Anuj, Bade Bhaiya, DK, Gaur, Gill, Guneet, Harpreet, Kiran, Kriti, Neha, Nuke, PK, Poolkeshi, Pranav, Praneeth, Raghav, Sarabjot, Sharayu, Shatam, Shruti, Siddhartha, Sindu, Tanvi, VDC, Vikram, Vimal, Vishal.

Finally, to my committee and Dr. de Veciana, for their time and in many cases, for their advice and push in the right direction.


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