Yeh Duniya Mil Bhi Jaaye…

Some of the most powerful lines in Hindi cinema were these, “yeh duniya agar mil bhi jaaye to kya hai” — Mohd. Rafi sung these lines beautifully in Guru Dutt’s classic ‘Pyaasa’, set to tune by the genius S. D. Burman. While this song ranks up there in my list of favorites for everything including lyrics, a modern day modification of this song — rather an inspired version, “Oh re Duniya”, from ‘Gulaal’ by Anurag Kashyap, penned and tuned by Piyush Mishra follows close on its heels.

While the latter is not one of the best tunes, the lyrics are mind blowing. The entire song is superb and a must-listen, however, sections of it are gems — even to a novice poetry-appreciator like me! Sample this:

Khwahish mein lipti zaroorat ki duniya
Oh world, wrapped in its cocoon of desires and needs

or these set of lines:

Woh kahen hain ki duniya wahaan aur bhi hai
Sitaron ke aage jahaan aur bhi hai
Ke hum  hi nahin hain samaa aur bhi hai
Humari har ek baat hoti nahi hain

They say that this is not the world,
For there exists a greater world beyond the stars,
What are our actions — just figments of our imaginations
All of this is not real; reality, my friend is farther away


What a succinct way of stating Hindu philosophy. And if that were not enough, he goes on to say:

Hume aitraaz nahi hai kahin bhi,
Wo [unclear]…honge sahi hai,
Magar falsafa yeh bigad jaata hai jo,
Woh kehte hai…

I do not object to what they say
For are they not literate and knowledgeable
However, I am disturbed when they say

Aalim yeh kehta wahan ishwar hai,
Faazil yeh kehta wahan allah hai,
Kamil yeh kahta wahan Isa hai,
Manzil yeh kehti tab insaan se ki,
Tumhari hai tum hi sambhalo yeh duniya,
Yeh bujhte hue chand baasi charago,
Tumhare yeh kale iraado ki duniya,

The Hindu cries out about the sole Ganesha
The Muslim espouses the uniqueness of Allah
The Christian  points to Jesus as the one and true God
It is then that destiny turns to man and says
My Son, this world is yours, yours to keep, treasure and cherish
This world, populated by its flickering old wicker lamps
This world, blackened by your soot-covered wicked dreams
This world….


My hat’s off to you Piyush Mishra — this song stirs something deep within me every time I hear it. Wonderful indeed!