The Ear

He sat at the back of the class, his attention partially on the professor’s droning voice, when he noticed her. Well, he did not in all reality notice her, he in fact noticed her ear. He was seated around three rows behind her, in a classroom that was as big as a living room and the first thing that caught his eye as he surveyed the class was her ear. Once he saw it, the professor’s voice receded into the background, all students around him vanished and it was only him and her. But again, it was not really her, but her ear. Notice I do not say ‘ears’, for he only saw her left ear – the back of her left ear. Her hair was pulled up to form a ponytail and for some reason unknown to him, she had also donned a hairband. His eyes never left her ear, and for the life of him, he could not remember what she wore. The class ended just as he was exploring the beautiful ear in front of him and he realized that he was late for his next class. He bolted out of the room – the ear in his memory.

The next class, as usual, he came in late and took his regular seat at the back of the class. His eyes wandered halfway through the lecture and wonder of wonders, he found that magical ear again. A sense of deja vu hit him when he noticed that she had pulled up her hair into a ponytail and seemingly had donned hairband as before. He began to admire the ear, noticing the three piercings – one at the base lobe, one slightly above that lobe, and one more on top, right above the earring on the lobe. She wore a hoop at the first lobe, and studs in the other two. A diamond-ish glow seemed to emanate from the one just above the lobe, though he could not be sure for he could only partially see the front of her ear. He sat there, again admiring the beauty of God’s creation – that perfectly shaped pinna, its thick bottom, curving up to form a perfect C at the top as the pinna gave its place to the new earring. It seemed as if her ear was one of those perfections that God throws at the world sometimes. Not one curve seemed out of place, not one fold seemed unnecessary. Her earrings had magically improved upon God’s perfection. She had placed those earrings in locations so perfect that he could not help but wonder if she was born with those earrings. They seemed such an integral part of her, they seemed to embody her personality, embody her nature, embody her. His thoughts were interrupted by the bell, as he again rushed out endeavoring to make his next class in time.

Today for the first time, he allowed his eyes to stray away from the ear. He still sat such that all he could see was her back, but we was at a slight angle and noticed that she had worn one of those short white frilly skirts that make a man’s heart leap. Those little darned things that are so accurately cut that one imagines one is close to a better view, but somehow at the last moment, this tantalizing thought is vanquished as one realizes that all that one is going to get to see are those white frilly skirts and nothing else. She was sitting on a chair, and the skirt inched up her thigh, and although he considered himself a connoisseur of legs, his brain drew his eyes back to that mesmerizing ear. Again with its three piercings, now with new colorful ones replacing the staid diamonds ones from last time. He started at them, and then rushed out at the bell.

He noticed her eye-lashes for the first time the next class – curved up, long, think and seemingly perfect again as if God has spent an extra minute creating her. It was at this moment that he noticed that she was turning her head around to the back of the class. He panicked, realizing that in a matter of seconds he would be able to see her face. He immediately looked down at his notes, and waited a full five minutes before he looked up again, finding her safely back – her ear and eyelashes the only things that seemed to watch him as he watched her. Today he had no class after this one – the professor had left town for the weekend, and he could have afforded to wait and glimpse at this rare beauty in her entirety. However, as the bell rang, he found himself rushing out of class – after all, one does not want to break the myth of perfectness by actually acquainting oneself with reality.

Today, he lower ear lobe was bare, he noticed, as he started yet again at that perfectness…