Pathos, Rahman, Bliss…(2/2)

  1. Dil Se Nikelegi, The Legend of Bhagat Singh: While everyone has heard of the Des Mere and Sarfaroshi Ki Tamanna numbers, this one, a slower version of Des Mere is Sukhwinder all the way. Little known, it is wonderful! There is another version called Kasam Tumko Watan Waalon. I prefer this one for the lyrics — “Oh Mother, please sing me that lullaby that you used to when I was younger, oh mother, let me rest my head in your warmth-filled lap”

    [No good videos!]

  2. Minnale/Yaar Teri Bewafi, May Maadham/Love you Hamesha: SPB again in Tamizh. He rocks this very very unconventional number. The song is almost a poetry, but there is just that added element that makes it music. It is extremely difficult to get the side right here, as we are on the cusp. Difficult to compose, and sing, this is SPBs masterpiece. In hindi Mahalaxmi does a commendable job (it is a female solo here) — but I prefer SPBs tamizh version. As usual, the tamizh lyrics are at some other level!

  3. Do Kadam, Meenaxi Sonu again, in a number similar to the Do Nishaniyaan from Jhootha Hi Sahi. As usual he exceeds all expectations.
  4. Vidukadhaiya/Chod Chala Nirmohi, Muthu/Muthu Maharaja: While most songs composed for Rajni’s films are massy, this one is etheral. Hariharan strikes again with such elegance that I was surprised to find this track in this album! Again, please please please, listen to the Tamizh version ONLY![Surprisingly no Video!]
  5. Mere Des Ki Mitti, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose: Another under-rated album that went under the radar very quickly. Another gem from Sonu and Rahman.
  6. Hai Jaana, Pukar: Another of those few female solos I enjoy. This time it is Sujatha and a slow, meandering track that instantly grabs your attention (yup, that’s somewhat of a contradiction!).
  7. Pyaar Yeh Jaane Kaise Hai, Rangeela: This is an under-rated song in an album that overwhelms you with its sheer level of brilliance. Suresh Wadkar and Kavitha rock this pathos-filled duet.
  8. Nenje Nenje, Ratchagan: I discovered this gem by Yesudas and Sadhana Sargam by accident and have become addicted to it! This is a superb track and Yesudas demonstrates why he is not just another singer, but YESUDAS!
  9. Mera Yaar Mila De, Saathiya: Rahman himself sings this wonderful song — the only one that does not have a cousin in the Tamizh version of the film. (The tamizh equivalent — not the same song — is evono oruvan, female solo). Very different from the songs on this list, this is still melancholic and wonderful.
  10. Newyork Nagaram, Silendru Oru Kaadhal: This song possibly needs to introduction. Rahman again, wonderful lyrics and orchestration. I have read that it is very similar to some Angreji song — though I have not found that anglisssh number yet.
  11. Yeh Jo Des Hai Tera, Swades: Another popular number that has Rahman at its helm. What wonderful lyrics — Javed Akhtar right on the money here. The antras are so beautifully composed, sung and written that you can actually feel the character’s emotions as you hear the words…
  12. Nahin Saamne Tu/Kalaimane, Taal/Thaalam: What a gem! In an album that will tickle every musical fibre of your body, this wondrous ode to a parted love will color your life with sadness and pain so exquisite that you will never want the music to stop! Hariharan again (and yes, this is as good as Tu hi Re!). I prefer the Hindi version.
  13. Zindagi, Yuvraaj: I still cannot believe that people have not heard songs from Yuvraaj! I submit that the movie was crap, but the album was another gem from Rahman’s stables that year. This number by Sreenivas is soft, so soft and subtle that you can loose yourself as the strains of his voice wash over your body, covering you all over in their warmth-filled sadness! Pure JOY!

Happy Listening Folks!


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