The Left that was left behind

Ramachandra Guha — an excellent historian and a brilliant writer (as I have stated before) pens this wonderfully informed article in The Caravan magazine:

His analysis is thorough and his understanding of the Indian middle-class and the political system of the country is pitch perfect. His commentary on why Kerala is consistently ranked among one of the most developed states in the country deserves special mention. The more I read of this author, the more I appreciate his skill and scholastic abilities. If only more historians would write like him!

The article makes for an excellent read and cleanly dissects the Indian political system of today — especially the fall of the left and its implications for India’s future. But the best part of the essay is Guha’s succinct statement regarding the present-day voting patterns:

Most middle-class people are revolted by the company that the leaders of the major parties keep, by their proximity to crooks and moneybags. Many are further disenchanted with the sycophantic tendencies of the Congress; many others detest the bigotry of the BJP. But they have nowhere else to go. Those disgusted by the First Family vote by default for the BJP; those who cannot abide Hindutva vote reluctantly for the Congress.

Highly recommended read!