Life, Oh You Cruel Mistress!

Life is such a twisted, convoluted journey. There are some whom you trust completely, some whom you know have your best interests at heart, some whom you believe like to see you happy and there are others whom you life and befriend, but never form any such opinion about. Then there are those whom you meet off and on or at some juncture in your life and don’t think twice about.

What life does not tell you is this — those whom you trust are not as gullible and trust-worthy as you think, as the famous song goes – “Kasme vaade, Pyaar wafa sab, Baatein hain, Baaton ka kya”. But then life is always around to throw your curve-balls and googlies. What you do not expect, or have ever dreamed of, happens. You smile, curse life for its misery and then smile at its pleasantness. You thank God for your existence, just days after your cursed him for it! And through all of it, there are always people around you whom you fail to thank.

On a totally unrelated note (yeah right!) — I had a great day today. My roomies decided to celebrate my pre-bday. I guess I have AM to thank for the superb planning and execution. I got up to find a nice story about my birth (fiction ofcourse) and Stephen King’s Duma Key as a birthday gift staring at me! Just to make things clear, today was not my bday, it is a month later, but given that I will be in India, this seemed like as good a time to celebrate it I guess.

The choice of the author was no coincidence, my love for King is well chronicled even in this short-lived blog. The choice of the book, however, required some planning on AMs part. He slyly had asked me questions about King and the books I haven’t read, and I remember him asking if I had Duma Key — I hadn’t and told him so. It is now pretty funny to note that I saw the box addressed to AM lying about in the hall and I assumed it was a book or something for someone in India — maybe a gift, like the Kindle. Little did I realize, it was for me!

I got up with a big smile (I always LOVE books as bday gifts) and was looking forward to a nice dinner with roomies, as I had been promised.



But guess what? I came home and realized that all was not as it should be. It did not take long for me to guess that people had been invited and

B'day card by GK -- depicts the states of my life!

we were going to have a party at home! My roomies got a nice creamy chocolate cake and some chips and soda for it.

What surprised me the most were the attendees. I know I have chronicled my lonely attitude towards life here — as against my constant rambling on the blogspot one

State 1: Me, My Laptop @ Home

before — but I am generally not a terribly people person. Don’t get me wrong. I do like going out with friends and people I know, but I am not the `people’ person. I am not one who will ever go out of his way in order to look for company. If I get it, then I am fine, if not, well…I do not mind it at all. On many occasions, I feel the need to be alone, and I like being alone during these periods — not the ideal people-person you see.

State 2: Swimming

Now, having described me a little better, it was surprising to see so many people turn up — most AMs gang. I obviously had met all of them before, but some of them

State 3: Me, My Machine, My books @ My Lab!

I had met only once and they made the effort on a Friday evening to trudge up all the way to my place for a pre-birthday cake! I am still awed by the ability of people to get up off their butts for someone whom they barely even know! The people I generally hang out with made their presence felt as well — they trooped in and minutes later I cut the cake and blew the candle off — something I had not done in over ….hmmm…I think many many many years! (Not a bday celebrator too!;)). The inscription on the cake was funny — “Tumahri Twacha itni komal aur mulayam kaisi?’ or something to that effect — look up the Santoor

State 4: Me, My bed (mat on floor actually), and my Laptop -- notice the weird head position


The evening was great, nice conversations, met people, socialized etc etc. The icing on the cake though was my bday card! It was not store bought and GK had taken tremendous effort in illustrating AMs concept. The idea was to depict the states of my life here in Austin, and a state-machine was drawn to represent that. Look around the post and you will see the whole card, and each of the states.


State 5: Tennis. Yes, I play. Yes, I suck.

The states describe my and my existence perfectly, though I have not been swimming as much in the last month — my excuse, too cold! Notice the goatee (which many people, including my mom and AN dont like!) and my earrings! Apparently there were supposed to be transition probabilities too — I would vote for being in State 4 all my life!

GK has done a brilliant job — just my personal opinion and AMs concept was pretty novel too! He had to clandestinely shoot pix of me in all of these states 😉

Now, back to the original topic of the post — the fickleness of life and its various twists and turns. As I said, people whom you trust betray you in  a flash and people whom you have never formed an opinion about surprise you pleasantly!

As the year comes to a close, I was thinking back about the year that was and as recently as 4 months ago, I was about to chalk 2010 as one of the not-so-good (read: worst) years of my life; but since September, I have come across some really good people. My faith in mankind is getting vindicated. I have met wonderfully talented people with little airs, I have met beautiful people who retain culture, values and morals that I cherish and that makes us human. I have met like-minded individuals who enjoy discussing serious topics, aided with a mass of information. Just when I was thinking that people cannot be trusted, God has shown me a series of examples renewing my faith back in Man.

I am not saying that the pre-bday gestures have changed my way of thinking, but the incident was surely another neat notch in what has actually turned out to be a great year! I am happy, content, satisfied, doing things I like and am going home for a nice LONG time! Hmm…the smell of dosas beckon. Adios!