Hypocrites, Rich, Left, Right

I have much to say on many things but will try and keep things short.

First the hypocrites. FirstPost makes an excellent observation. I totally agree. While I am not completely on board with Modi’s “development”, for it comes at a heavy cost to the environment and villagers (as does all “progress” in a purely capitalistic economy, a la USA), the Indian media has for some reason decided that it hates Modi. While I agree that as the CM, Modi deserves to take flak for the apparent complicity of the government bodies during the massacre of 2002, I’d like to see objectivity in media reporting. The Congress, especially the Gandhi family, has been directly responsible for the massacre of a significantly higher number of Sikhs during the riots following Indira Gandhi’s death. For some reason, the Indian media fails to color narratives regarding the Congress with the blood of the innocent Sikhs, while at the same time couching every Modi-article in anti-BJP/Modi propaganda. My point is not that one should forget the atrocities of a politician after some time, but that the same yardstick should be used when measuring the worth of a politician. The Indian media is definitely hypocritical and biased, and as much I like to lean to the liberal end of the spectrum, unfortunately our liberal left is to be blamed for this. Where is the outrage when Maoists murder innocent villagers, or when Kashmiri Pandits are massacred, or when our “Didi” Momata transforms a democratic state into a Stalinist-dictatorship? Objectivity is the only purpose of the media, and when it fails to maintain this, one is bound to question its use.

Speaking of hypocrisy, our FM, Mr. Chidambaram is a wonderful example. The recent budget is a complete farce that increases the burden on the already overburdened middle-class while providing the rich with the same respite they have been getting all this while (http://www.thehindubusinessline.com/opinion/reading-between-budget-speech-lines/article4485127.ece). While the Congress came into power on an aam-aadmi platform, the policies of the party are as much capitalistic and anti-poor as that of the BJP. The steady desecration of our forests, the handouts to corporations, the CoalGate, the 3G scam, are all incontrovertible proof that the Congress is as capitalistic as any other government where progress is at the cost of the poor.

This is not to say that the left is all good. Momata Didi’s autocratic measures and random bans are indicators that even a labor government has little if no sense. Ask the labor government in France — they wanted to tax millionaires at a astonishing 75%! The goal of a government is not to screw its citizens, but to  provide a sustainable environment for growth at low (if not zero) cost to the environment and the ecosystem. No government has managed to do this successfully, definitely not in India.

Speaking of the right, the US is another example where inept governments (or rather corporate lackey-governments) have pushed the rich agenda through over and over again so that the richest 1% of the population owns 40% of the nation’s wealth, while 80% of the bottom has 7% (See: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QPKKQnijnsM). This is absolutely ridiculous. It may be true that the richest 10% pay 70% of all taxes (though how much they actually pay as a fraction of their income is much much lower than what a middle-class American would). However, instead of weakening the socialist argument, it strengthens it, for no nation should have such a skewed wealth distribution. This only ensures that the rich will get richer, for the greed of man will propel the rich to fund and push rich-friendly policies through the parliament. The hit is taken by the dwindling middle-class and the growing poor. The “American Dream” is a nice story sold by the rich so that the poor keep working hard so that the CEOs make over 300 times the average income of John Doe. Welcome to Capitalistic Paradise!